Brad’s Radio Commentary

Brad’s commentary on a variety of issues. Click on the link to hear the clip that played on local radio.

TROST: Canada, the world and the cross of gold

A big thank you to the Post Millennial for the release of the following article! “You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind on a cross of gold.” When William Jennings Bryan spoke ... Full Article

We Want To Hear From You!

Each week, MP Kevin Waugh and I do this radio commentary to give you, the citizens of Saskatoon, information on important issues involving federal politics. We enjoy doing this commentary but we enjoy getting feedback from you, the listeners, ... Full Article

A Pipeline and a Carbon Tax?

“What the right hand giveth, the left hand taketh away”. That Proverb really describes the federal Liberals this week. While they are pushing forward with the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, they are also going forward with their ... Full Article

March for ALL

Next week is the annual March for Life on Parliament Hill. It is a regular reminder that Canada is the only democratic country in the world with no legislation on abortion. You don`t have to share my pro-life views to find this a bit strange. ... Full Article

Let’s Ease Up On Criminals?!?!

Just got back from a meeting with my good friend, Rob Nicholson and he’s working on the Liberals new crime bill. Which to be perfectly blunt, is going to make life a lot easier for a lot of criminals. Because this Liberal Bill reduces the ... Full Article

Humboldt Broncos – Gone, but not forgeotten

Monday was a strange day in the House of Commons. Most of the MP’s wore hockey jerseys, a lone hockey stick sat in front of the doors of the House of Commons and MP’s remembered the young hockey players of that horrible tragedy of just a few ... Full Article

Liberal Budget 2018

For the past couple of days in the House of Commons, we have been debating the Liberals budget. And what has struck me most is how little it offers the average Canadian. The Trudeau priorities; legalizing marijuana, implementing carbon taxes, ... Full Article

Foreign Policy Matters

Foreign Policy actually matters to Canada, which is why Justin Trudeau needs to grow up quickly. If his embarrassing trip to India was his first bluff it might be forgivable but the Indians now join Australia, China, the Philippians and Japan as ... Full Article

Carbon Tax is Liberal Discrimination

When the Liberals start implementing their Carbon Tax next year, some areas of the country will be hit hard. Saskatchewan will be, by far, one of the hit areas. Why? Well, we are more rural, more natural resource-based and colder than most of ... Full Article

Problems with Government Departments?

Veterans Affairs getting you down? Difficulty getting a visitors visa for your mother in law? Problems with Revenue Canada? Dealing with problems like these are what your Members of Parliament do each and every day. Our job is to help you ... Full Article