Marching for Life 2019

Standing up for LIFE when it is under attack is crucial. Abortion is not a “done deal” or a “closed issue” as some claim it to be. I’m proud to say that over my 15 years as a Member of Parliament, I have seen the #prolife movement grow in Canada. It has grown in numbers, diversified and the age demographics have widened. This March for Life was a success, not just because of yesterday’s march, but because of the work that each individual does to protect life every day of the year. By some estimates, it was attended by 15,000 to 20,000 Canadians who packed the lawn of Parliament Hill – at least half of them youth – from all over Ontario, and even from across Canada! Campaign Life Coalition’s President, Jeff Gunnarson, presented me with the prestigious Joe Borowski award. In CLC’s words, this award was “for his heroic, pro-life leadership as an MP over the years, and especially during the Conservative Party Leadership when he ran on an explicitly pro-life platform and came in 4th place out of 14 candidates, stunning the party establishment and the media”.