Conservative Judges Matter!

Big news coming out of the United States; Justice Kennedy of the American Supreme Court has retired.
That’s good news because it will allow Conservatives to take a majority on the U.S. court.
It’s sad that we don’t have a situation like that in Canada. And it’s one of the real failures of the Harper years in government. It’s pretended in Canada that we don’t have a political system when we appoint justices, we do. The one thing though in Canada, Conservatives don’t actively get involved in the fight. With some exceptions, and for short periods of time, ideological considerations were not really part of the Conservative search for judges during the Harper years. It’s something that needs to change, and small “c” Conservatives need to demand that from their big “C” Conservative representatives.
We need to have Conservative judges appointed by Conservative politicians. There’s no if, and, but or maybe about it.