USA Midterm Analysis

A U.S. midterm analysis from a Canadian Member of Parliament’s perspective.

“Just a quick take away from my point of view on the American elections last night and its applicability to Canada.
The Americans had an election that was clearly a referendum on Donald Trump that came out to a clear and decisive draw. To be perfectly blunt, the voters in the United States did not endorse the Democrat agenda which would have moved the country dramatically to the left. Nor, can Donald Trump claim a clear and decisive mandate from the other night, either. In fact, I think it’s safe to say voters are a little bit unhappy, the swing voters that is, are unhappy with what’s being offered by both the major parties. You see this as a result in the Northern suburbs which swung sharply against the Republicans, but you also see other parts of the country where the Democrats thought that they had a golden opportunity and fell flat on their face. How does this apply to Canada? Well, I think if you look at what Justin Trudeau has done and showing through support, the polling, and the data we have it’s fairly clear; voters are not particularly happy with him. They see him as a little bit self-absorbed on some of his own pet projects, he’s got an ego and he likes to do showmanship which does irritate people from time to time. But, just because the Conservatives are very good at pointing out the mistakes of the Liberals doesn’t necessarily mean the voters are going to move to the Conservatives. Conservatives have to be more than just the blank slate. We have to provide clear concrete alternatives, we have to provide actual leadership with a vision, if not, the Liberals could easily get re-elected. The Democrats failed to show leadership last night, allowing Trump to defend his turf. Trump, on the other hand, has to reach out beyond his base. Same as the Conservatives up here in Canada in order to get a majority because not everyone is/are sold on our policies. It’s something that everyone’s got to learn, look to your base, reach out to get other people and listen to what other people are saying.”