Trudeau’s High Taxation

The Trudeau government’s policies will increase taxes and regulations to the detriment of entrepreneurs and Canadians in general.

I have always pushed for lower taxes since I was first elected as an MP in 2004.

I am concerned that the proposed tax on local businesses is another Liberal tax grab designed to make Canadians pay for the government’s out-of-control spending habits and legacy of deficits.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to expand deficit spending in such a reckless manner and the inability of the federal government in general, to restrain spending, means that higher taxes are here to stay until the Liberals are defeated at the ballot box.

In addition, the Trudeau government’s decision to hike payroll taxes will also place a burden on all entrepreneurs and will undoubtedly result in jobs losses.

If the examples mentioned above are not worrisome enough, the Prime Minister’s opinion of entrepreneurs, especially of small business owners, is quite troubling.

During the last federal election, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said the following to Peter Mansbridge during a TV interview on the CBC on Tuesday, Sept. 8th, 2015:

“A large percentage of small businesses are actually just ways for wealthy Canadians to save on taxes.”


As well as:

As a Conservative, I will continue to support policies that reduce the tax burden for local businesses, reduce government red tape and allow entrepreneurs to create jobs in their communities.