Trudeau Budget Discriminates Against Saskatchewan




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Trudeau Budget Discriminates Against Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan only gets 0.86% of Transportation Infrastructure but has 3% of Population

OTTAWA – “The Trudeau Liberals have deliberately discriminated against Saskatchewan by choosing to only fund public transit infrastructure over other kinds of infrastructure for transportation,” said Brad Trost, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-University.

“To make matters worse, not only did the Liberals only fund public transit, but they compounded their error by only allotting our province under one per cent of the money available, when Saskatchewan has three per cent of Canada’s population,” Trost added.

“We don’t even get transportation funding based on a per capita basis. Justin’s first budget discriminates against Saskatchewan,” Trost stressed.

When the Conservatives provided infrastructure funding for transportation, the funding was more flexible.

“We knew cities like Saskatoon needed money for road improvements, bridges and bus barns. Our Conservative government understood that different parts of Canada had different needs.

“Our Conservative government in Ottawa worked with municipal and provincial governments to meet local needs. It is shame that the Trudeau Liberals want to dictate from Ottawa what Saskatchewan gets.

“Low commodity prices are putting pressure on our economy in Saskatchewan. It is sad that the Trudeau Liberals discriminated against Saskatchewan. Our province requires a minimum of three percent of federal funds to meet basic transportation needs per capita,” Trost said.

(See the chart on page 92 of the 2016 Federal Budget, Chapter 2 for 0.86 per cent figure).


For more information, contact the Ottawa office of MP Brad Trost at (613) 992-8052.