Tax Filing Changes

CRA Tax Filing Changes:

To improve the tax-filing experience for Canadians, the Canada Revenue Agency is introducing two important changes for 2018. First, income tax and benefit packages will now be mailed directly to paper filers. Second, with the launch of File my Return, eligible individuals with low or fixed income can do their taxes by answering a few simple questions over the phone.

For many Canadians, having to travel to find income tax forms and guides each year is inconvenient, especially for people with mobility challenges and those who live far from post offices and financial institutions.
Therefore, starting in 2018, the Canada Revenue Agency will automatically mail previous-year paper filers everything they need to file their income tax and benefit return. For this tax year, 1.9 million Canadians will benefit from this improvement.

How do tax-filers get forms or a guide?

Canadians who filed on paper last year will receive the 2017 tax package in the mail by February 26, 2018. Others can order up to nine income tax and benefit packages or download and print the forms and the guide as early as January 8, 2018.

Ordering Packages:
Forms & Guides:

Beginning February 5, they can also call a dedicated telephone line to order up to nine income tax and benefit packages:

• 1-855-330-3305 (for service in English)

• 1-855-330-3310 (for service in French).

When should returns be filed?

For most people, the deadline to file a return is April 30, 2018. Filing on time or even early will help to avoid interruptions to payments such as the Canada child benefit, goods and services tax / harmonized sales tax credit, child disability benefit, and guaranteed income supplement.
Filing Deadline:

What is the new File my Return service?

This service lets eligible individuals with low income or a fixed income that is unchanged year-to-year file their income tax and benefit returns simply by giving some personal information and answering a series of short questions through an automated phone service.

Those who are eligible will receive a personalized invitation letter in the mail in the middle of February 2018 and can begin using the service on February 26, 2018. File my Return is free, secure and easy to use. There are no paper forms to fill out or calculations to do.
For other questions about tax filing, you can refer your constituents to visit At the webpage, they will find links to services and information, including tax tips, a step-by-step guide on how to file an income tax and benefit return, and information on certified software, including some that is free.

More Info on the File my Return: