Supply Management…

Since posting my video on what Supply Management is, I have had a few people ask what my position is on the issue. So here is a summary of what I said in the leadership race.
1. Change is coming to the supply managed system irrespective of what lobbyist and politicians say. With a shrinking number of dairy and poultry farms and pressure from trade deals it’s not if the system will be overhauled but when, irrespective of the party or the leader in charge.
2. Supply management does cause higher prices for consumers and causes difficulties for new entrants into the market.
3. Unwinding supply management will be more expensive and more difficult than some of the critics realize.
With those points in mind I suggested that a gradual opening of segments of the market to actual free enterprise. I suggested this could be done with negotiations with farmers, rather than through an aggressive approach. There is a minority of farmers in the industry who want change, therefore change could occur, but it would be gradual and it would save the national treasury from paying out billions for quotas.
I have never voted for supply management in the House of Commons (I abstained on some votes) but I have never been a harsh critic of the system. I do however have real sympathy for the farmers who are caught up having to pay millions of dollars for quotas to just farm. My position was somewhat between Bernier and Scheer in the CPC leadership race. I also believe that both Bernier and Scheer would have to adopt a position similar to mine if they ever formed government as both of them took positons that would be difficult to execute in the real world of government.
Don’t know what Supply Management is? Click the link below for a quick overview!