Standing Up for SK Officers

Mr. Speaker: Over 40 per cent of the correctional officers on duty at the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon are on workers’ compensation because they were attacked by inmates.
According to a story by reporter Dan Zakreski, officers at this Correctional Service of Canada facility have been continually assaulted by inmates: spitting; biting; stabbing officers with pens; urine and feces are also thrown.
The escalation in violence is due to a change of policy in August regarding a practice called “administrative segregation.”
As a result, violent inmates with a serious mental illness can no longer be separated from the general population.
In the CBC article, Union rep James Bloomfield said: “The inmates that are assaulting us are right in front of us the next day. There’s no repercussions for them.”
I call on the Minister of Public Safety to reverse this policy so that all CSC employees can work in a safe environment: safe for them and safe for the inmates in their care.