4MYCanada selfie 10MAR2016Conservatives understand that Canadians work hard for their money and families deserve policies that allow them to work and prosper in all regions of the country. Under a Conservative government, a family of four saved almost $7,000 per year in reduced taxes.

Compare our record with Trudeau’s broken election promises:

  • $30 Billion that your children will have to pay off: Families will be left footing the bill for Trudeau’s out-of-control spending.
  • Job Killing New Taxes: The Liberals are raising taxes on job creating businesses by keeping the small businesses tax rate at 10.5% instead of lowering it to the scheduled 9%. The Liberals are also ending the hiring credit for small businesses.
  • New National Carbon Tax: Will cost families at least $1,000 every year as the carbon tax increases the price on everything from gas to groceries. The Liberals are forcing the provinces to introduce this new, repressive Canada-wide tax.

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