Just a few quick thoughts about the Thursday night election in Ontario.

First of all, environmental craziness will cost you politically.

It cost the Ontario population higher hydro rates and it cost Ontario Liberals votes. Warning, if you`re going to implement something crazy like the Paris Climate Change Accord, or other environmental pipe-dreams, it will cost you once you get into government.

Second, contrary to popular myth, being socially Conservative does not hurt at the ballot box in Ontario.

Doug Ford reemphasized after the campaign and during the campaign, he was opposed to Ontario’s far left sex-ed curriculum, he’s going to scrap it. In fact, in the middle of the campaign, he skipped out on the gay pride parade, and no, it did not cost him votes. He got over 40% of the vote, much better than we (CPC) did federally, much better than we (CPC) did in Ontario.

So, two quick observations; stay away from environmental crazy policies and if you are actually a Conservative, steer to the right on social issues, social Conservative ones don’t hurt.