• Faith and Politics – Edmonton, AB

    I invite you to join me at a Faith and Politics Forum to discuss how one’s faith can impact the political arena. Freedom of Religion, federal legislation and other issues impact every ...

  • Marching for Life 2019

    Standing up for LIFE when it is under attack is crucial. Abortion is not a “done deal” or a “closed issue” as some claim it to be. I’m proud to say that over my 15 ...

  • Health-Care Professionals need your support!

    I am looking for your help in applying pressure on the Minister of Justice in support of C-418, which is expected to be debated on May 29th. There is still time to get your letters to the ...

Brad speaking on Marijuana

For info referenced in Brad’s speech click here   Mr. Brad Trost (Saskatoon—University, CPC): Madam Speaker, I am going to enjoy getting involved in this debate, having listened ...

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Invite Brad

Invite Brad to attend your community event. Brad appreciates the opportunity to attend local events whenever possible. Send your request by email to brad.trost.c1@parl.gc.ca or use the Contact form

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Traveling Abroad

Planing a trip abroad? Be prepared. Expect the unexpected. Find information about destinations, travel documents, travel health, returning to Canada and much more at travel.gc.ca. Need assistance ...

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Protecting Doctors Conscience Rights

Such a compelling message tonight in Saskatoon on Conscience Rights coming from the Executive Director of Canadian Physicians for Life, Nicole Scheidl. Protecting medical professionals conscience rights is vital to building a culture of care, compassion, and life. Want to learn more about ... Full Article

Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day! “Love is not affectionate feeling but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good”. C. S. Lewis Full Article

Faith and Politics with Students

Talking with high school students today at Legacy Christian Academy in Saskatoon about the significance of serving in the political sphere based on Christian convictions. Thank you, principal Lou Brunelle, for the tour, as well as the invitation to share with your students. Want me to come to ... Full Article

CPC Leadership Campaign Update

Dear Friends, Over the past few days, there have been many questions about when my campaign team will get the $50,000 deposit back from the party. Let me deal with them here. 1. We anticipate getting it back in the next few days, but because of the appeal and the court case the logistics are ... Full Article

Holocaust Memorial Day

Remembering all the lives lost and honoring the survivors of this atrocity on this International Holocaust Memorial Day. Full Article

MD Conscience Rights – Free Event!

Join MP Brad Trost and Canadian Physicians for Life in a joint event to bring awareness to Bill C 418 (an act to amend the criminal code regarding assisted dying – euthanasia) Here is a link to Bill C 418: https://www.parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/42-1/bill/C-418/first-reading We hope to see ... Full Article

NOT “My Kind of People” – Trudeau

You might have missed the article the other day in the newspaper where Justin Trudeau was talking about gender analysis and construction projects. As per usual, he was trying to sound smart and smug in his own left-wing way. But what he came across as is a bit condescending and negative towards ... Full Article

10 Year to 2 Year Sentencing?!

The following is a list of indictable offences in the Criminal Code of Canada, which Bill C-75 proposes to make eligible for summary conviction. Essentially, C-75 proposes to allow summary convictions as a possible prosecutorial option for crimes that were previously indictable offences. ... Full Article

Humboldt Broncos – SO 31

Humboldt Broncos – SO 31 A couple of weeks ago one of my constituents, the father of a young man who died in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, asked to meet with me to discuss driver training for truckers and other safety-related issues. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the ... Full Article

What Liberals Didn’t Tell You – Economic Update

By now you’ve probably seen the business and finance analysis of the Liberals fall economic update in the newspapers, and so forth, from last week. You probably haven’t seen the political analysis, or explanation, of why the Liberals are doing this because it’s not for economic reasons. ... Full Article