NOT “My Kind of People” – Trudeau

You might have missed the article the other day in the newspaper where Justin Trudeau was talking about gender analysis and construction projects. As per usual, he was trying to sound smart and smug in his own left-wing way. But what he came across as is a bit condescending and negative towards construction workers. Which made me think of something, the left is always so interested in diversity when it comes to race, and gender, and gender identity, and all of the different categories they carve people up into. But, when it comes to the House of Commons, we have a lot, A LOT of people who are chattering class types who get elected here and very few people who actually work with their hands before they came here. As one of my friends used to say, there are two types of people in the world; the ones who shower before they go to work and the ones who shower after they come to work. And we really lack a lot of people who have physical work experience in the House of Commons. Not too many truck drivers, secretaries, carpenters, we’ve got one mechanic in the Conservative caucus but people like that who pay the bills and do a lot of hard work are frankly, underrepresented in the House of Commons. So when the Liberals talk about diversity, remember, they’re only talking about groups that interest them and demographics that they find interesting. For people who actually make this country grow, who actually produce things with their hands, not so much. As Justin Trudeau proved, construction workers are just not “his kind of people”. Maybe they weren’t born with a trust fund like him, but it would be nice if Justin actually looked for some REAL diversity instead of just trying to carve people up into artificial categories.