Budget 2017

Talking Points: Liberal Innovation Budget Fails to be Innovative March 30, 2017 ISSUE: The Liberals are calling Budget 2017 their “innovation budget”. However, there is nothing new or innovative in the Budget. In fact many of the programs ... Full Article

Celebrating National Seniors Month

June is National Seniors Month. Let’s celebrate and raise awareness about seniors’ contributions and the important roles they play in Canadian society. I am available to visit your Seniors’ centre, group or residence to host a ... Full Article

Trost on Canada- U.S. Relations

Donald Trump says he wants to bring back timber jobs to the United States; Canada gets asked to join a missile defence system, and then there is country of origin labelling. Three separate issues normally dealt with by three separate ... Full Article


Conservatives understand that Canadians work hard for their money and families deserve policies that allow them to work and prosper in all regions of the country. Under a Conservative government, a family of four saved almost $7,000 per year in ... Full Article

Trudeau Budget Discriminates Against Saskatchewan

    News Release             Trudeau Budget Discriminates Against Saskatchewan Saskatchewan only gets 0.86% of Transportation Infrastructure but has 3% of Population OTTAWA – “The Trudeau Liberals have deliberately ... Full Article

MP Brad Trost named Canada-U.S. Affairs Critic

Brad Trost, MP Saskatoon – University   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 20, 2015   News Release   MP Brad Trost named Canada-U.S. Affairs Critic Trost appointed to Shadow Cabinet by Interim Leader Rona Ambrose   OTTAWA – Brad ... Full Article