Foreign Policy Matters

Foreign Policy actually matters to Canada, which is why Justin Trudeau needs to grow up quickly. If his embarrassing trip to India was his first bluff it might be forgivable but the Indians now join Australia, China, the Philippians and Japan as ... Full Article

2018 Budget Breakdown

BUDGET 2018 Budget 2018 was a huge opportunity for Justin Trudeau. The world economy is roaring but Justin Trudeau is failing to turn this opportunity into results for Canadians. Instead the Prime Minister is raising taxes on over 90% of ... Full Article

Denied Funding for Beliefs?!

Mr. Speaker, actions have consequences, something this Liberal government seems to have forgotten. Take for example, the liberal implementation of an ideological litmus test for the Canada Summer Jobs Program. They required a requirement that ... Full Article

Speaking on Bill C-69

http:// Mr. Brad Trost (Saskatoon—University, CPC): Mr. Speaker, before I begin my remarks, I need to note, for the Chair and for the House, that I ... Full Article

Bowl with Brad!

Grab your pals and come on out to “Bowl with Brad”! Thursday, March 8th from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Got questions? Looking to get more involved in the political sphere? Want to meet more young politically minded people in Saskatoon? Come ... Full Article

Liberals are soft on Terrorism

Why are Liberals so light on terrorism at home and abroad? “Mister Trudeau … why did you invite a Khalistani terrorist for a reception?” Instead of working with his Indian counterparts to secure vital market access for our Canadian ... Full Article

Standing for Those Who Stand for Us.

CPC Accomplishments for Veterans 2006-2015 2006 An operational stress injury clinic is announced for Calgary. 2007 The position of the Veterans’ Ombudsman, which raises awareness of the needs and concerns of Veterans, is created. Minister ... Full Article

Chinese New Year!

新年快乐! Happy New Year! My family and I had a wonderful time watching a traditional performance this year by these little dancers. Full Article

Gerber Baby 2018!

Gerber baby, Lucas Warren, may have down syndrome, but with his smiling face he says more about life and love and hope than any words ever put together. Below is an excerpt from the National Review on Lucas Warren’s story: The Gerber-baby ... Full Article

Problems with Government Departments?

Veterans Affairs getting you down? Difficulty getting a visitors visa for your mother in law? Problems with Revenue Canada? Dealing with problems like these are what your Members of Parliament do each and every day. Our job is to help you ... Full Article