NOT “My Kind of People” – Trudeau

You might have missed the article the other day in the newspaper where Justin Trudeau was talking about gender analysis and construction projects. As per usual, he was trying to sound smart and smug in his own left-wing way. But what he came ... Full Article

10 Year to 2 Year Sentencing?!

The following is a list of indictable offences in the Criminal Code of Canada, which Bill C-75 proposes to make eligible for summary conviction. Essentially, C-75 proposes to allow summary convictions as a possible prosecutorial option for ... Full Article

Humboldt Broncos – SO 31

Humboldt Broncos – SO 31 A couple of weeks ago one of my constituents, the father of a young man who died in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, asked to meet with me to discuss driver training for truckers and other safety-related issues. I ... Full Article

What Liberals Didn’t Tell You – Economic Update

By now you’ve probably seen the business and finance analysis of the Liberals fall economic update in the newspapers, and so forth, from last week. You probably haven’t seen the political analysis, or explanation, of why the Liberals are ... Full Article

Asia Bibi & Religious Freedoms

Mr. Brad Trost (Saskatoon—University, CPC): Mr. Speaker, upon release after eight years on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy, the life of Asia Bibi and those of her family are still at risk. In Turkey, atheists are jailed for questioning ... Full Article

Faith & Politics

What is Faith & Politics? Have questions? Click the link to find the answers to your questions! Want me to join you, your organization, or community to discuss Faith & Politics? Send an email to ... Full Article

Let’s Connect!

Did you know?! There’s a bunch of social media platforms out there…here are some more where we can connect! Twitter: @BradTrostCPC Instagram: @bradtrostcpc Youtube: Facebook: ... Full Article

Maxime Bernier “Analysis”

Maxime Bernier seems to have changed some of his positions since the CPC Leadership Race as revealed at The Rebel Media event last weekend. Changes in his stances: 1. Calling to completely defund the #CBC 2. Shifted his opinion on #ClimateChange ... Full Article

USA Midterm Analysis

A U.S. midterm analysis from a Canadian Member of Parliament’s perspective. “Just a quick take away from my point of view on the American elections last night and its applicability to Canada. The Americans had an election that was ... Full Article

Saskatoon REALTORS visit Ottawa

#Throwbackthursday! I was joined in Ottawa earlier this month by three of the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS representatives Sheri Knapp Willick, Jason A Yochim, Steven Bobiash. Thank you for bringing the concerns caused by federal ... Full Article