Hero’s BBQ

Nothing beats a summer BBQ in support of our troops. They are mothers, fathers, and children, people who give of their lives for our own. We will continue to be grateful for your service to our country. Thank you all. #Godblessourtroops #HeroBBQ Full Article

S.T.E.M. Road Show

I had a fantastic time touring the Prehistoric Fossils & Exotic Insects Road Show put on by S.T.E.M. Kids Rock. It’s wonderful to see so many children excited to learn more in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & ... Full Article

Trudeau Taxing Homebuyers

I had the opportunity to address the Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors at their Mortgage Update Forum. The following is my address: In October 2016, the Liberal government introduced changes to Canadian mortgage rules, which made it more ... Full Article

Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope

Everyone knows someone who has stood in the face of cancer. Cancer affects everyone, so when I was asked to take part in the Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope this year, I was honored to help bring awareness to an illness that takes too many too soon. ... Full Article

Youth Wings Ceremony

I want to congratulate all of the newly ‘winged’ Royal Canadian Air Cadets Power Pilots! This is a group of 14 young men and women from across the prairie provinces that received their Wings after attaining their Pilots Licenses over ... Full Article

Trudeau’s High Taxation

The Trudeau government’s policies will increase taxes and regulations to the detriment of entrepreneurs and Canadians in general. I have always pushed for lower taxes since I was first elected as an MP in 2004. I am concerned that the proposed ... Full Article

U of S #SHADOpen

I had the opportunity to visit with Canada’s future innovators at the University of Saskatchewan for #SHADOpen. Thank you to all those involved in facilitating this program and to all of the students, I wish you the very best in all of ... Full Article

CP Canada 150 Train

CP’s Canada 150 train came rolling into Saskatoon on August 1st. In tow were 10 Royal Canadian Pacific heritage cars that were tugged along by a single diesel engine. One of the cars, called the “Spirit of Tomorrow”, was ... Full Article

Saskatoon Police Station Community BBQ

I was able to step foot into the shooting range, observe the live call-in center, as well as visit with new and old friends throughout my time at the station. I want to thank each and every officer, as well as your families, for commitment to ... Full Article

Quebec Gun Registry

The Liberals are trying to bring back the gun registry, but this time only for Quebec. Last week Ralph Goodale tabled legislation to assist Quebec in setting up their own long gun registry, using old federal data. While it doesn’t affect ... Full Article