Quebec Gun Registry

The Liberals are trying to bring back the gun registry, but this time only for Quebec. Last week Ralph Goodale tabled legislation to assist Quebec in setting up their own long gun registry, using old federal data. While it doesn’t affect ... Full Article

Enabling Accessibility Fund

The Government of Canada is currently accepting applications from eligible applicants interested in receiving funding from the Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF). The Standard Grant Application for Funding can be submitted under either of ... Full Article

House of Commons Page Program

Each year, 40 students graduating from high schools and CEGEPs are selected from across Canada to participate in the Page Program. Pages are undergraduate students who are registered as full-time students at one of the four universities in the ... Full Article

Canada Day 2017

Come join me at Diefenbaker Park on July 1, 2017 to celebrate our amazing country. There will be entertainment to be enjoyed by the whole family including music, a variety of cultural performances and fireworks! Full Article

Tax Implications of Phoenix Payroll Issues

The Government of Canada is committed to resolving all pay issues as quickly as possible. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is working with key departments to ensure that all affected employees understand how Phoenix pay issues will impact their ... Full Article

Liberal Spending

Early in march the Trudeau Liberals announced they were going to be giving 20 million dollars of Canadian tax payers’ money to help fund abortions around the world. With all the legitimate needs in foreign aid, one has to wonder why the ... Full Article

Budget 2017

Talking Points: Liberal Innovation Budget Fails to be Innovative March 30, 2017 ISSUE: The Liberals are calling Budget 2017 their “innovation budget”. However, there is nothing new or innovative in the Budget. In fact many of the programs ... Full Article

Celebrating National Seniors Month

June is National Seniors Month. Let’s celebrate and raise awareness about seniors’ contributions and the important roles they play in Canadian society. I am available to visit your Seniors’ centre, group or residence to host a ... Full Article

Trost on Canada- U.S. Relations

Donald Trump says he wants to bring back timber jobs to the United States; Canada gets asked to join a missile defence system, and then there is country of origin labelling. Three separate issues normally dealt with by three separate ... Full Article