Brad’s Radio Commentary

Brad’s commentary on a variety of issues. Click on the link to hear the clip that played on local radio.

Quebec Gun Registry

The Liberals are trying to bring back the gun registry, but this time only for Quebec. Last week Ralph Goodale tabled legislation to assist Quebec in setting up their own long gun registry, using old federal data. While it doesn’t affect ... Full Article

Budgets Don’t Balance Themselves

A report released by the finance department before Christmas made the point that federal finances are not being all that well handled. Instead of the budget being balanced in 2019, the department said the federal budget wouldn’t be ... Full Article

Climate Change Politics

Climate Change politics tends to dominate political discussion of environmental policy and I think that’s a bad thing. Abandoned oil wells, raw sewage dumped into rivers, unsafe drinking water – are all environmental problems that ... Full Article


The CBC costs one billion dollars a year. That’s money that could be put to tax cuts, health care, national defense, you name it. Instead it goes to an institution that duplicates things that are already done by the private sector. Local ... Full Article

Pot Legislation

Last summer the smell of marijuana drifted into my backyard. Someone had been smoking pot near my house. If the Trudeau Liberals have their way, that’s a smell that will become more frequent for the residents of Saskatoon. Marijuana may ... Full Article


‘Investments’ is a favorite word among politicians when they want to spend your money. It is used to camouflage all kind of government expenditures that stop you from investing your money where it earns you the best return. There is only one ... Full Article

Liberal Spending

Early in march the Trudeau Liberals announced they were going to be giving 20 million dollars of Canadian tax payers’ money to help fund abortions around the world. With all the legitimate needs in foreign aid, one has to wonder why the ... Full Article

Trost on Canada- U.S. Relations

Donald Trump says he wants to bring back timber jobs to the United States; Canada gets asked to join a missile defence system, and then there is country of origin labelling. Three separate issues normally dealt with by three separate ... Full Article

Communicating with Constituents

2015, June 11 – SP0994 As a Member of Parliament, I work hard to communicate with my constituents – public events, open houses, mailers, Facebook, and this radio column are all ways I strive to keep in touch, but I can’t do my ... Full Article

Non-partisan Politics

June 4, 2015 – SP0697 The other week a University student dropped in to get to know me, as Member of Parliament. In the course of our visit it was noted that I’m the most conservative of conservative MP’s and also one of the ... Full Article