Brad’s Radio Commentary

Brad’s commentary on a variety of issues. Click on the link to hear the clip that played on local radio.

Trost on Canada- U.S. Relations

Donald Trump says he wants to bring back timber jobs to the United States; Canada gets asked to join a missile defence system, and then there is country of origin labelling. Three separate issues normally dealt with by three separate ... Full Article

Communicating with Constituents

2015, June 11 – SP0994 As a Member of Parliament, I work hard to communicate with my constituents – public events, open houses, mailers, Facebook, and this radio column are all ways I strive to keep in touch, but I can’t do my ... Full Article

Non-partisan Politics

June 4, 2015 – SP0697 The other week a University student dropped in to get to know me, as Member of Parliament. In the course of our visit it was noted that I’m the most conservative of conservative MP’s and also one of the ... Full Article

The Registered Disabilities Savings Plan

The Registered Disabilities Savings Plan exists for families who have a child with severe physical or mental challenges. The plan helps ensure that a child with severe challenges is provided for when parents are no longer able to provide ... Full Article

New Home Accessibility Tax Credit

One of the overlooked items in last month’s Conservative budget was the New Home Accessibility Tax Credit for seniors and persons with disabilities. This 15% tax credit will apply on up to $10,000 dollars of eligible home renovation ... Full Article

National March for Life

Today is the National March for Life in Ottawa – a celebration of pro-life values. I realize that questions involving the rights of the unborn are some of the most polarizing in Canadian politics. But I didn’t become a Member of ... Full Article

Lowering Taxes on Families

Justin Trudeau is promising to raise taxes on parents. For a couple with children where one person earns $84,000 a year and the other spouse earns $36,000 a year, the family tax plan is worth $1,800 a year – and Justin Trudeau wants to ... Full Article

Who uses TFSA’s?

Justin Trudeau wants to tax your Grandpa. That’s the real world impact of rolling back the Tax Free Savings Accounts. TFSA’s are not mostly used by the rich; they are mostly used by seniors and people approaching retirement. 60% of ... Full Article

Federal Budget

April 23, 2015 – Federal Budget On Tuesday, Joe Oliver delivered the federal budget, setting the stage for the federal election this fall. His message was fairly simple. Taxes will be lower and the budget will be balanced going forward. ... Full Article

Critical Injury Benefit

April 16, 2015 – Critical Injury Benefit The new critical injury benefit is a 70 thousand dollar tax free boost on top of current programs to assist the most severely injured Canadian Armed Forces members who have severe service related ... Full Article