MP Trost: Euthanasia Recommendations “Most Extreme in the World”

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Saskatoon – University

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MP Trost: Euthanasia Recommendations “Most Extreme in the World”

OTTAWA – The recommendations on euthanasia released by the Liberal dominated committee are the “most extreme in the world,” according to Brad Trost, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-University.

“This Liberal report on euthanasia has absolutely no protection for the vulnerable. It is the most extreme legislation (of its type) in the world,” Trost stressed.

Despite all the flowery language and detailed legal references, the First Report of The Special Joint Committee On Physician-Assisted Dying ignores the dangers of euthanasia and the high percentage of euthanasia committed by doctors and nurses without permission of the patient.

For example, euthanasia laws in Belgium are being greatly abused by doctors and nurses. Three different studies published in 2010 discovered:

1. 32 per cent of all deaths by euthanasia were being done without request of the patient.

2. Nurses in Belgium are killing their patients. Belgium law specifies that only doctors are permitted to euthanize their patients.

3. Almost half (47 per cent) of euthanasia deaths in Belgium were not being reported.

The Liberals’ majority report and the Members of Parliament who support this policy are opening a Pandora’s Box. Accepting that death is a solution for one problem opens the door to many, many others.

I strongly support the dignity of every person. Please take the time to read the Conservative MPs’ Dissenting Report of the Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying called: “More Safeguards are needed for the Vulnerable,” starting at page 51.

The full report and dissenting report are available here :


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