MP Trost: Elect Committee Chairs by Secret Ballot

Brad Trost, MP

Saskatoon – Humboldt




News Release

MP Trost: Elect Committee Chairs by Secret Ballot

Canada should follow Parliamentary Reform in the U.K. and allow all MPs to vote


OTTAWA – Brad Trost, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Humboldt, appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure And House Affairs (PROC) today to discuss his Motion, M-431, to have committee chairs elected by all Members of Parliament.


MP Trost’s Motion M-431, passed unanimously in the House (275-0) on Feb. 5, 2014.


Trost appeared before PROC today, for the second time, to testify about the mechanics of implementing M-431. Trost talked about his preference for the election of committee chairs by all of the Members of the House of Commons through a preferentially numbered secret ballot.


Trost brought his case for parliamentary reform to PROC because it is the standing committee responsible for procedural and administrative matters in the House of Commons. PROC is also empowered to form a striking committee that selects which Members of Parliament serve on the 23 other House of Commons Standing Committees.



MP Trost is of the opinion that the election of committee chairs would be a more democratic practice. The election of committee chairs by all MPs would also strengthen the position of chairs in each committee by increasing the impartiality or perception of impartiality of committee chairs among Opposition members.


Coincidentally, Trost noted during his presentation that MPs in the U.K. House of Commons will hold their election of committee chairs tomorrow, on June 17th. The U.K. House started to elect committee chairs in 2010. U.K. MPs and academics have praised the election of committee chairs by the whole House as the most important of 50 recommendations made in 2009 to reform the U.K Parliament.



For more information, contact the Ottawa office of MP Brad Trost at (613) 992-8052.