MP Brad Trost named Canada-U.S. Affairs Critic


Brad Trost, MP

Saskatoon – University


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 20, 2015


News Release


MP Brad Trost named Canada-U.S. Affairs Critic

Trost appointed to Shadow Cabinet by Interim Leader Rona Ambrose


OTTAWA – Brad Trost, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-University, has been appointed to Shadow Cabinet by Conservative Party Interim Leader Rona Ambrose.


Trost has been named Canada/U.S. Relations Critic.


“I am happy to accept this position. I look forward to working with my Conservative colleagues in Canada’s Official Opposition,” Trost said.


“The United States of America is our good neighbor, our closest ally and Canada’s largest and most important trading partner,” Trost said.


I will work with the other Critics, Deputy Critics and other Conservative MPs in our Caucus, to hold our inexperienced Prime Minister to account, especially in regards to strengthening the special relationship that exists between Canada and the United States,” he said.


MP Trost’s wide range of experience will serve him well as Canada/U.S. Relations Critic:


His parliamentary roles include:


House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources 2006-2015

House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade 2010-2011

Former Vice-Chair of the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group

Founder of the Conservative Party Energy Caucus




For more information, contact the Ottawa office of MP Brad Trost at (613) 992-8052.