Maxime Bernier “Analysis”

Maxime Bernier seems to have changed some of his positions since the CPC Leadership Race as revealed at The Rebel Media event last weekend.
Changes in his stances:
1. Calling to completely defund the #CBC
2. Shifted his opinion on #ClimateChange from recording a regulatory system (which was the same stance as Andrew Scheer), to believing it’s a hoax.
3. His criticism of the Conservative Party is that it’s a Red Tory-Centrist party.
☝️”I believe that the CPC will have to deal with this, clearly and forcefully, by standing for principles or else there’s going to be problems.”

Full transcript below:

“Last weekend I was in Calgary speaking at the Rebel conference speaking about populism, its history, its past, and its future. And they’d also invited Maxime Bernier unbeknownst to me when I accepted the invitation, to speak about his People’s Party. But I found it interesting, it was the first time since Max left the Conservative Party that I could see what he was really pitching with his new party. A couple of observations here, first of all, what he was really talking about is a strong, Blue Tory pitch. His party is a coalition of Libertarians and Blue Tories who are related but not identical, in their interests and approach. This was very much for the Blue Tory crowd, strong on fiscal issues talking about equalization, tax issues, the CBC; very much a fiscally orientated dollars and cents pitch. On a couple of issues, interestingly, I’d say he’s actually changed or moved his positions since the leadership race (CPC Leadership Race of 2016). For example, during the leadership race he did not support my call to privatize the CBC, now he’s calling for a complete defunding. If that doesn’t lead to their privatization through the back door, what I was calling through the front door, I’m not sure what he’s really calling for. But to me, that’s a bit of a change in his position – much stronger critic of the CBC. Second thing I found interesting is his comments on the Paris Climate Change Accord and Climate Change in general as it came close to what I said in the leadership race. In the leadership race, him and Andrew (Scheer) were fairly similar. Both were going to have climate change plans, look to a more regulatory model, now Max is much more of the mindset, “let’s not worry about it, it’s a complete scam and we’re not going to pander to the Liberal type voters on that”, which I found interesting. On those two issues, he’s definitely shifted ground. His criticism of the Conservative Party was that it’s a Red Tory –centrist Party, and again, something I found interesting which will be a challenge that the official Conservative Party is going to have to deal with and answer clearly and forcefully by standing for principles. If it doesn’t, there’s going to be problems and that won’t be good for the country.”