Let’s Ease Up On Criminals?!?!

Just got back from a meeting with my good friend, Rob Nicholson and he’s working on the Liberals new crime bill. Which to be perfectly blunt, is going to make life a lot easier for a lot of criminals.

Because this Liberal Bill reduces the penalty for the following offences, indictable offences, there’s literally 27 here, I’m just going to pick a few of the ones where, you know, we need to think about this.

The Liberals are making the penalty less for participating in the activity of a terrorist group, so good news for terrorists; the Liberals don’t want you punished as hard as before.
Municipal corruption by influencing a municipal official. So, not as stressful to be a corrupt official as it was under the Conservatives.
Here’s another one, doing violence to an officiating clergyman. So if you want to beat up a priest or a rabbi doing a ceremony, the Liberals aren’t going to be as strict.
Advocating genocide; they are going to lower the penalty for that too.
Arson for fraud or arson by negligence; it doesn’t matter what sort of arson you are doing; the Liberals think the minimum penalty should be even lower.

Now, there are 27 crimes, I haven’t named all of them, conspiracy, participating in a criminal activity, anyways, this is just awful legislation. The Liberals continue to make life softer for criminals. If you’re a criminal, you should be held responsible, you should not just be patted on the head and told “poor little boy, poor little girl, we’re so sorry that society made you do it.”