Female Genital Mutilation

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Female Genital Mutilation is becoming more and more of a common practice in Canada. Justin Trudeau is concerned about FGM in Africa — where he challenges local leaders — but, here in Canada, he intends to remove a warning against FGM from our citizenship guide and refuses to bring up the issue with local community leaders as a barbaric practice! The Trudeau government is reportedly in the process of rewriting Discover Canada — the citizenship guide given to all newcomers to study before taking the citizenship test. The current guide tells newcomers, in no uncertain terms, that barbaric cultural practices are not tolerated in Canada.
FGM is the brutal cultural practice that mutilates a young woman’s genitals and has been carried out on an estimated 200 million girls and women worldwide — most prominently in North Africa and the Middle East.
Despite Trudeau’s odd priority to stop FGM overseas but not to address the growing concern at home, it was surprising to hear him condemn the practice as “barbaric” in the House of Commons.

This is a complete reversal of his earlier stance, when he criticized conservatives for using the term barbaric to describe violent and misogynistic cultural practices like spousal abuse, FGM and so-called “honour killings.”

Back in 2011, Trudeau condemned the Tory government for calling these practices barbaric, saying it was “pejorative,” overly “judgmental,” and that the government should make an “attempt at responsible neutrality.”
News reports over the summer of 2017, however, revealed how FGM is increasingly practised in Canada, and that our border guards are on the lookout for tools commonly used by FGM practitioners.

Does Trudeau want to combat barbaric practices like FGM in Canada, or does he want newcomers to practice their beliefs — no matter how barbaric — in his multicultural post-national utopia?

It seems like Trudeau the feminist is having a hard time reconciling with Trudeau the multiculturalist.