Facebook Privacy Breach

Facebook Privacy Breaches

The Canadian Press is reporting that the Liberals employed Christopher Wylie, the individual who admitted to helping political parties score electoral wins by exploiting the private information of millions of Facebook users.

Yesterday, the Liberals released a statement that confirmed that Mr. Wylie was paid $100,000 taxpayer dollars to run a pilot project. It is unclear whether Mr. Wylie had access to the personal data of Canadians or if the Liberals are now under investigation by the Privacy Commissioner.

It is important to protect the privacy and personal information of Canadians.

Trudeau has failed to be honest with Canadians about the Liberal Party’s relationship with an individual who has exploited the private information of millions of people around the world.
Our Prime Minister needs to come clean and tell Canadians why Mr. Wylie was employed by the Liberals and whether or not taxpayer money was used to help the Liberal Party exploit Canadians’ Facebook accounts.

Has Justin Trudeau referred this matter to the Privacy Commissioner, who is now investigating Facebook? Why don’t you ask him? Click here to send a message to Justin Trudeau.