Denied Funding for Beliefs?!

Mr. Speaker, actions have consequences, something this Liberal government seems to have forgotten. Take for example, the liberal implementation of an ideological litmus test for the Canada Summer Jobs Program. They required a requirement that applicants support the Liberal Party position on hot button social issues actually hurts Canadian children, which children you may ask? How about the children in 24 Aboriginal reserves across Western Canada whose 5 day clubs have been historically funded through the Canada summer jobs program. These children, some of whom come from difficult family situations, were able to benefit from a summer program that cared about their needs and brought a little joy to their lives for part of their summer, but because the sponsoring organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship does not subscribe to Liberal values, it is ineligible to apply for funding. Child Evangelism Fellowship cares about these children on these reserves. If the Liberal Party also cared about them they would drop the silly, irrelevant, ideological litmus test for the Canada Summer Jobs program, so more children could be helped by these clubs.