D-Day’s 74th Anniversary

It has been over seven decades since Canadians landed on the shore of Normandy to defend Freedom, Democracy, and Rule of Law.
We will NEVER forget their sacrifice.

On June 6, 1944, Canadian and Allied forces fought their way ashore through minefields and barbed wire, under heavy fire from guns above, to secure a beachhead in France against the Nazi regime. By the end of the day, soldiers of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade had pushed from their landing at Juno Beach to a point further than any other Allied force.

Canadians feel enormous pride in our country’s pivotal role in winning one of the most decisive battles of the Second World War. We are eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by so many of our fellow citizens, who fought shoulder-to-shoulder with our Allies against the evil Nazi regime. – Tom Kmiec, MP

#DDAY #Neverforget