Religious Freedom Update


Thank you to David Anderson, MP for shedding light on the following:

Liberal Bill C-51 eliminates criminal code protection for ‘clergy’ and places of worship across Canada.
Last week, the Minister either accidentally or deliberately misled Canadians when she insisted that Rabbis and Imams are not defined as clergy. She feels “clergy” is too “narrow” a term that only applies to Christians.
That’s nonsense. CRA, Border Services, and Statistics Canada have always included Rabbis and Imams in the government’s definition of clergy.
The Liberals’ C-51 comes at a time when the number of attacks and incidents are increasing, and these Criminal Code protections are still being used in court. I asked the Minister when she will stop putting faith communities at risk and leave these protections in the Criminal Code.

“It is a matter of vital concern to all Canadians that our elected representatives defend the hard-won freedoms that those who came before us bravely fought, sacrificed and died to preserve,” said a spokesperson for the gathered Parliamentarians.

These and other issues were the subject of discussion at the Parliamentary Forum on Monday by a panel including Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham, Director of the Laurentian Leadership Centre, Trinity Western University; Mr. Jay Cameron, Litigation Manager, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms; and Dr. John Robson, Documentary Film-maker, Commentator, and Invited professor at the University of Ottawa.