#BuildKM & Bubble Zones

Two recent problems in Canada; building the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, as well as dealing with the Bubble Zones in Ontario and Alberta, that were put in by the Liberals and NDP, and solutions for them both.

“On the way to Ottawa here, I was thinking about two stories that I saw in the news. One, the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and two, the bubble zone that the NDP and the Liberals in Ontario have put up to keep pro-life protestors from expressing their viewpoints. And I thought, Hey, there’s a solution to both problems; first of all, to get the pipeline through, very simple, they just have to declare the protestors against the pipeline as pro-lifers and at that point the governments will be ruthless, police will crack down and they will be shoved aside and the pipeline will be built. Simple solution here. And for the pro-life protestors, if they had signs that said, “Hey, save the baby seals”, not only would they be permitted inside the bubble zone, they’d get sympathetic news coverage about what they’re doing to protect the environment from the evils of oil.”