Auditor General’s Report

The Auditor General has tabled his Fall 2017 Reports which examined the Phoenix Pay System, CRA Calls Centres, Settlement Services for Syrian Refugees, Oral Health Programs for First Nations and Inuit, Preparing Women Offenders for Release, and the Royal Military College of Canada.

His reports confirmed a number of concerning issues that are plaguing Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Phoenix Pay System:

Our thoughts are with all of the employees and their families who have been affected by Phoenix. The Auditor General estimates that because of Liberal inaction, the Phoenix Pay System will cost taxpayer more than half a billion dollars to fix. Due to this mismanagement, more than 150,000 public servants still have outstanding pay requests waiting to be processed. The Liberals failed to recognize they needed a comprehensive governance structure to resolve pay problems, and still have no road map in place to repair the situation. What we need is to develop a clear and comprehensive plan to fix Phoenix and a commitment to updating Canadians regularly on the government’s progress.

CRA Call Centres:

The Prime Minister’s tax collection agency only answered 36% of incoming calls, while blocking 29 million calls from Canadians. Worse still, 30% of the time the agency couldn’t even provide an accurate response! Canadians who have questions about Justin Trudeau’s new tax hikes on Canadians living with diabetes, parents who enroll their kids in soccer and piano lessons, and of course, his tax hike on local businesses deserve real answers. Justin Trudeau’s adding insult to injury when he hikes taxes on middle-class Canadians, and then allows his tax collectors to ignore or mislead the very people being forced to pay for his $100 billion deficit.

Settlement of Syrian Refugees:

The Liberals have failed to provide a compassionate plan that will ensure Syrian refugees can successfully integrate into their new life in Canada. The government isn’t even tracking whether or not Syrian refugees are enrolling their kids in school. It is deeply disturbing that while the government has failed to provide integration support for Syrian refugees, they have said that they will offer reintegration support for terrorists who took up arms against Canada and our allies. For more information on ISIS Rehab follow the link: Justin Trudeau must answer for his inability to offer a legitimate plan for prospective Canadians and newcomers.