73% Tax Hike!

I’d like to start this video by thanking all of my constituents and the other physicians, dentists, farmers and other local businessmen and women from across Canada who have written me or called my office with your deep concerns about the Liberals’ tax grab on local businesses.
My constituents are rightly outraged at being labelled tax cheats by Prime Minister Trudeau when they are just following the law to use some of their revenue, created through hard work and sacrifice, to grow their businesses or put some money aside to keep their staff employed during lean times or between contracts.
Local business owners do not have generous government pensions or mandated benefits like maternity leave to rely on, something that the Liberals in bureaucrat rich Ottawa did not think of or care about.
My friends, I have always pushed for lower taxes since I was first elected as an MP in 2004.
It is not fair that local businesses will have to pay a 73 per cent tax rate, –a tax increase that some economists have described as “confiscatory.”
Local business owners need to be supported by the Government of Canada, not attacked for creating jobs in their communities.
My fellow Conservative MPs and I will continue to fight Trudeau’s local business tax grab.
My name is Brad Trost. I will always stand up for you and your right to make a better life for you and your kids.
God Bless.