2018 Budget Breakdown

Budget 2018 was a huge opportunity for Justin Trudeau. The world economy is roaring but Justin Trudeau is failing to turn this opportunity into results for Canadians. Instead the Prime Minister is raising taxes on over 90% of Canadian middle-class families, and this budget announces new tax hikes on local businesses. Trudeau is also borrowing an additional $18 billion, failing to balance the budget by 2019 as he promised. And despite all the spending, middle class Canadians are no further ahead and Canada’s GDP growth will slow to 2% by the end of the year.

Conservatives are focused on bringing forward solutions that put hardworking people before government.

a.We’ve introduced legislation that supports young families, new parents and persons with disabilities, all of whom are hurt the most by Justin Trudeau’s economic policies;

b.We’ve introduced legislation that provides more transparency about how taxpayer money is spent; and

c.We will support policies that create jobs and grow our economy, including the Trans Mountain Pipeline and a new free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

But here is the reality after almost three years of Justin Trudeau: Never has a Prime Minister spent so much, to achieve so little.

Justin Trudeau is failing middle class Canadians, women and business operators, the very people the Prime Minister claims to help.
a.Trudeau is raising taxes on more than 90% of middle class families;

b.Trudeau is introducing new taxes on local businesses and employees; and

c.Trudeau is borrowing $18 billion, failing to balance the budget by 2019, money that will be paid back by future generations.

Justin Trudeau’s economic policies fail to make a difference in the lives of Canadians.

a.Spending $35 billion on a new infrastructure bank helps wealthy investors, not Canadians who want shorter commute times;

b.$1 billion for ”Superclusters” helps big corporations, not Canadians struggling to find work; and

c.$2 billion for foreign aid, but little for our veterans who the Prime Minister says are asking for too much while he fights them in court.