2 Year Liberal Update

Halfway through its mandate, the Trudeau government has little to celebrate and much to answer for. Justin Trudeau’s policies are hurting the very people that he claims to want to help and Liberal tax hikes are making it increasingly difficult for Canadians to make ends meet.

Conservatives believe in lowering taxes and we will continue to bring forward a positive Conservative vision for Canadians frustrated by Justin Trudeau. Our movement has room for every Canadian who believes in responsible government spending, lower taxes, and a more affordable Canada for everyone.

Canada’s Conservatives believe in lowering taxes. We will continue to fight for hardworking Canadians who now pay more tax under this Liberal Prime Minister.

A Fraser Institute report found that 81% of middle class families are paying more tax under the Liberals (on average families are paying $840 more each year).

First, the Liberals eliminated the Universal Child Care Benefit, the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, the Children’s Art Tax Credit, tax credits for post-secondary education and textbooks and income splitting for families. Then they cancelled planned small business tax reductions and EI tax reductions, increased payroll taxes, and introduced a federal carbon tax;

The Liberals also cut TFSA contributions by half, ended the Public Transit tax credit, added a new tax on Uber and raised taxes on beer, wine and spirits;
Then they tried to tax health and dental benefits and employee discounts! Shockingly, the Liberals are even raising taxes specifically on Canadians suffering from diabetes, and now the Prime Minister is hypocritically asking middle class Canadians to pay more for his out-of-control spending while his family fortune remains untouched.

We know why the Trudeau Liberals are raising taxes – to pay for the Prime Minister’s deficits, which cost more than $100 billion. What’s worse, Trudeau is borrowing money to give handouts to his billionaire friends who run banks, large corporations and hedge funds. There is nothing left for hardworking people, like you.

As a Conservative, I will continue to fight Justin Trudeau’s tax hikes every step of the way.