Targeting Law-Abiding Citizens, not Criminals & Gangs

Liberals + firearms legislation = zero trust by Canadians.

This Liberal legislation fails to tackle the main cause of virtually all gun crime in Canada; criminals and gangs who use guns to commit violent crimes. Remember, ZERO focus has been placed on targeting these criminals and gangs.

This new legislation will add an extra layer of bureaucracy on top of the existing which will serve in protecting no one and produce ZERO results, instead, the government is cracking down on law abiding gun owners, hunters and farmers.

“The Liberals have given up on gangs but are ganging up on Canadians.” David Anderson, MP

Re-establishing the Gun Registry

In Quebec, they will use the old data and in the rest of the country by forcing gun stores to collect the information for a new registry, and forcing them to absorb the cost themselves. Even private transactions will need to be approved by this additional layer of bureaucracy.

These Liberals games are not new, we’ve seen them before. While we do not know the cost of this legislation right now, it will most likely be more than the $2 million dollars that the Liberals originally budgeted for their previous Gun Registry fiasco.

Gun crime rates are the lowest they have been in decades and are generally decreasing. Even the CBC criticized the Liberals’ manipulating crime stats to justify this bad bill.
And when Justin Trudeau tweeted that, in Canada, you do not need to show ID to buy a firearm, he displayed either his complete ignorance of Canadian gun laws or a deliberate attempt to scare Canadians.

We have adequate laws in this country and the government needs to recognize that in adding an additional layer of bureaucracy that targets law abiding gun owners, not criminals or gangs, serves to protect no one and will produce zero results for Canadians.