Responsible Resource Development

The Liberals are pushing through Bill C-69–a big, 400 page piece of legislation that will threaten the livelihood of almost 1 million energy workers across Canada, and thousands of other people across the country who are employed in spinoff industries.
C-69, if it becomes law, will allow opponents of all types of natural resource development, including pipeline construction and mines, to use C-69 to delay important projects that will create good-paying jobs, promote economic growth and generate millions in tax revenue to fund everything from roads and hospitals to services for our seniors and Veterans.
Here I speak in the House of Commons on C-69:

C-69 will create three new, distinct acts of legislation; a completely new environmental impact assessment agency–and a new federal regulator to cover the life cycle of natural resources projects, including pipelines, mines and LNG.
This new, federal Bill will also create new and onerous regulations covering navigable waters.
Canada has other legislation already in place to protect the environment, including the protection of our rivers, lakes and oceans.
Under C-69, if you want to protest the building of a pipeline, or a two lane bridge, for that matter, the Liberals are making it easier for anyone to delay or add cost to that project. This is not good for job creation, nor for taxpayers or provincial and municipal governments which want to improve infrastructure in your local area.

Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland Alberta and the Official Opposition Critic for Natural Resources has been debating this legislation in the House of Commons and has been standing up for Canadians in the resource sector. This legislation will impact responsible resource development everywhere in Canada, without full debate. So much for transparency.

Here are some links to the debates in the House:
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