10 Year to 2 Year Sentencing?!

The following is a list of indictable offences in the Criminal Code of Canada, which Bill C-75 proposes to make eligible for summary conviction. Essentially, C-75 proposes to allow summary convictions as a possible prosecutorial option for crimes that were previously indictable offences. Indictable offences are some of the most serious crimes recognized in the Criminal Code of Canada. Consequently, if C-75 receives Royal Assent without amendment, crimes traditionally punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment could be reduced to a mere fine.

This is unacceptable. This should set off alarm bells for Canadians because C-75 opens the possibility to reduce penalties for some of the most serious crimes in Canada.

The purpose of this document is to be used as a tool for quick reference. The order of the offense titles below are as they are listed in C-75. If the reader requires further details on the crime being affected by C-75, please refer to the Bill Text of C-75, which can be found here: http://www.parl.ca/Content/Bills/421/Government/C-75/C-75_1/C-75_1.PDF

Alternatively, the reader may refer to the current text in the Criminal Code of Canada, which can be found here: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/PDF/C-46.pdf

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Title of offenses as found in Bill C-75 (123):

Possession of forged, etc., passport
Fraudulent use of certificate of citizenship
Offences in relation to military forces
Punishment of rioter
Concealment of identity
Neglect by peace officer
Unlawful drilling
Orders by Governor in Council
Possession of explosive (note: change in title of offence)
Providing or collecting property for certain activities
Frauds on the government
Breach of trust by public officer
Municipal corruption
Influencing municipal official
Selling or purchasing office
Influencing or negotiating appointments or dealing in offices
Disobeying a statute
Offences relating to affidavits
Obstructing justice
Compounding indictable offences
Corruptly taking reward for recovery of goods
Prison breach
Permitting or assisting escape
Rescue or permitting escape
Assisting prisoner of war to escape
Corrupting children
Obstructing or violence to or arrest of officiating clergyman
Common nuisance
Dead body
Interception of radio-based telephone communications
Possession, etc.
Disclosure of information
Disclosure of information received from interception of radio-based telephone communications
Keeping a gaming or betting house
Offence in relation to lotteries and games of chance
Cheating at play
Keeping a common bawdy-house
Causing bodily harm by negligence
Punishment for infanticide
Neglect to obtain assistance in childbirth
Concealing the body of a child
Administering noxious thing
Traps likely to cause bodily harm
Bodily harm
Offence-related place
Dangerous operation causing bodily harm
Unseaworthy vessel and unsafe aircraft
Offence involving bodily harm
Impaired driving causing bodily harm
Blood alcohol over legal limit – bodily harm
Failure or refusal to provide sample – bodily harm
Impeding attempt to save life
Material benefit – trafficking
Withholding or destroying documents – trafficking
Abduction of person under the age of 16
Abduction of person under the age of 14
Material benefit from sexual services
Procuring feigned marriage
Forced marriage
Marriage under age of 16 years
Pretending to solemnize marriage
Marriage contrary to law
Punishment of libel known to be false
Punishment for defamatory libel
Extortion by libel
Punishment for theft
Fraudulently taking cattle or defacing brand
Punishment for theft of cattle
Taking possession, etc., of drift timber
Destroying documents of title
Fraudulent concealment
Disguise with intent
Possession of instruments for breaking into coin-operated or currency exchange devices
Selling, etc., automobile master key
Possession of property obtained by crime
Bringing into Canada property obtained by crime
False pretence or false statement
Obtaining execution of valuable security by fraud
Damaging documents
Offences in relation to registers
Using mails to defraud
Fraudulent manipulation of stock exchange transactions
Prohibited insider trading
Gaming in stocks or merchandise
Broker reducing stock by selling for their own account
Fraudulent concealment of title documents
Fraudulent registration of a title
Fraudulent sale of real property
Misleading receipt
Fraudulent disposal of goods on which money advanced
Fraudulent receipts under the Bank Act
Disposal of property to defraud creditors
Fraud in relation to fares, etc.
Fraud in relation to valuable minerals
Possession of stolen or fraudulently obtained valuable minerals
Offences in relation to mines
Books and documents
False return by public officer
False prospectus, etc.
Acknowledging instrument in false name
Applying or removing marks without authority
Threat against internationally protected person
Thread against United Nations or associated personnel
Secret commissions
Arson for fraudulent purpose
Arson by negligence
Possession of incendiary material
Interfering with saving of wrecked vessel
Interfering with marine signal, etc.
Removing natural bar without permission
Occupant injuring building
Interfering with international boundary marks, etc.
Having clippings, etc.
Uttering coin
Advertising and dealing in counterfeit money
Participation in activities of a criminal organization
Breach of long-term supervision