• Faith & Politics – Ottawa

    Join me in the heart of Canada’s political sphere to discuss the impacts that current and future federal legislation will have on every faith-based congregation and individual in Canada. ...

  • Let's Ease up on Criminals?!

    Just got back from a meeting with my good friend, Rob Nicholson and he’s working on the Liberals new crime bill. Which to be perfectly blunt, is going to make life a lot easier for a lot of ...

  • #BuildKM & Bubble Zones

    Two recent problems in Canada; building the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, as well as dealing with the Bubble Zones in Ontario and Alberta, that were put in by the Liberals and NDP, and solutions for ...

Brad speaking on Marijuana

For info referenced in Brad’s speech click here   Mr. Brad Trost (Saskatoon—University, CPC): Madam Speaker, I am going to enjoy getting involved in this debate, having listened ...

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Invite Brad

Invite Brad to attend your community event. Brad appreciates the opportunity to attend local events whenever possible. Send your request by email to brad.trost.c1@parl.gc.ca or use the Contact form

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Traveling Abroad

Planing a trip abroad? Be prepared. Expect the unexpected. Find information about destinations, travel documents, travel health, returning to Canada and much more at travel.gc.ca. Need assistance ...

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Presenting Summer Jobs Petition

Thank you Mr. Speaker, I am happy to present petitions from people in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba who are protesting the government`s Summer Jobs Attestation statement. They are very concerned that it discriminates against Canadians who have both pro-life and pro-traditional marriage viewpoints. Full Article


Just a few quick thoughts about the Thursday night election in Ontario. First of all, environmental craziness will cost you politically. It cost the Ontario population higher hydro rates and it cost Ontario Liberals votes. Warning, if you`re going to implement something crazy like the Paris ... Full Article

D-Day’s 74th Anniversary

It has been over seven decades since Canadians landed on the shore of Normandy to defend Freedom, Democracy, and Rule of Law. We will NEVER forget their sacrifice. On June 6, 1944, Canadian and Allied forces fought their way ashore through minefields and barbed wire, under heavy fire from guns ... Full Article

A Pipeline and a Carbon Tax?

“What the right hand giveth, the left hand taketh away”. That Proverb really describes the federal Liberals this week. While they are pushing forward with the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, they are also going forward with their Carbon Tax. It is a strange thing when the ... Full Article

Happy Mother’s Day!

To each and every mom and grandmother, Happy Mother’s Day! May you know the love of God, More and more each day And know how much He values you In every little way Today, I want to let you know, I appreciate what you do And I want you to know that I Am thinking […] Full Article

Christina Lee Fast’s Story

I would like to take a few moments and speak about an energetic woman named Christina Lee Fast. Christina has a good sense of humour. She likes to seek out that sense of humour in others. Being a sociable person, she started a “Young Adults” group in her church. And that group has grown in ... Full Article